Pet Funerals and Memorial Services

Pet Berevement Ceremonies

Pet Bereavement Ceremonies - Have a dignified pet funeral officiated by a Minister for pet owners and their families. New Life Church provides pet funerals for those who have suffered the loss of a beloved pet.   The service is presided over by clergy, who bless the pet and the people at the close of service. 

Our animal companions are valued and dear family members. Pastor Ken offers services to those wishing to honor their pet by creating a ceremony to celebrate their friend's life. It may be a burial service, a memorial gathering, or a service to bless a sick or at-risk companion at home or at the hospital. 

Pets share a unique bond with humans.  God’s unconditional love for us is reflected in eyes of the unconditional love our pets have toward us.   New Life Church of Dixon provides a ministry of stewardship and love towards the pets who share our walk through life.   To many, our pets become our closest life companions. Therefore, it is appropriate for people of faith to come together in worship at the illness or loss of a beloved life companion. 

Pet Funeral Services

Pet funeral services can be celebrated at the location of your choice either at our church or at any other location of your choosing such as a home, another church, in a park, or at a burial site. 

New Life Church serves pets and the people who love them.  We provide pet loss grief support, memorial services, prayer for animals who are sick or injured, and will be present at a home or clinic to comfort the bereaved, and provide comfort during surgery or illness.  

Pet Memorial Services

Pastor Ken will officiate pet bereavement ceremonies and is available to deliver guest sermons on the bond between pets and humans. Pastor Ken visits nursing homes and hospitals with therapeutic animals, leads religious services where well-behaved pets are welcome.  

Pastor Ken contributes his time and resources to several animal shelters, animal rescue organizations, or other non-profit organizations which benefit the animal kingdom.  

To schedule a pet bereavement ceremony contact 

Pastor Ken Smith 

The Pet Chaplain