Your Money Or Your Life Seminar


Your Money Or Your Life Seminar

A nine-step program for living a more meaningful life, how to get out of debt, save money, reorder priorities, reserve inner conflicts, save the planet, and convert problems into opportunities.


The 9 Steps of Financial Freedom

Step 1 How Much Money Has Come into Your Life? And What Do You Have to Show for It? 

Step 2 Being in the Present: Tracking Your Life Energy 

 Step 3 Where Is It All Going? Monthly Tabulation

Step 4 Three Questions that Will Transform Your Life

 Step 5 Making Your Life Energy Visibile: Your Wall Chart 

Step 6 Respecting Your Life Energy: Minimizing Spending 

Step 7 Respecting Your Life Energy: Maximizing Income 

Step 8 Capital and the Crossover Point 

 Step 9 Securing Your Financial Independence 


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